The Secret Sauce Recipe Of Windows Phone 8 Keyboard Detailed

Windows Phone 8 arrived with a range of enhancements in all areas, large and small. One of the bigger changes in the new OS is what Microsoft calls ‘Word Flow’, a range of enhancements on Windows Phone 8 that provide corrections and suggestions to users as they type.

The auto-correction abilities of Windows Phone now stand at a staggering 94 percent accuracy.

Microsoft explained the keyboard improvements of Windows Phone 8 over earlier versions of the mobile operating system in a detailed blog post on its official website. Jason Grieves had this to say:

“But we all have our own communication style, so Word Flow is also designed to be a keen student of your writing habits and what you care about. It’s always learning, so it can help personalize the suggestions and corrections to suit each individual person”.

The dictionary bundled with Windows Phone 8 includes not just words, but data and information on how people use these words when writing and composing email and messages.

“The Office team has been researching commonly-used words for more than 20 years to power similar features in Word and Outlook, and they partnered with us to build our first dictionaries in Windows Phone 7”.

Microsoft scoured places like Twitter and Wikipedia to gain insight on how people use words before getting down to developing the dictionary. The blog post also sheds light on the most vital component of smartphone keyboard, the custom dictionary.

It starts out blank when the phone at first, but learns fast.

“That’s where we store on your phone the words and phrases that you use. As you type on your phone, it learns how commonly you use language. We then use the custom dictionary in all of the places we describe above—suggestions, corrections, keyboard hit-target adjustment—for improved typing accuracy”.

Ah, the sweet sensation of seeing something done right.

It’s nice to see Microsoft paying special attention to one of the most vital components of a user interface. Those that have had to suffer with a bad (or substandard) keyboard on a smartphone understand how frustrating an experience it is.

If you are a Windows Phone 8 user, what’s your experience with the updated keyboard? Do comment.

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