One of the more anticipated hardware devices from Microsoft, the Surface Mini was heartbreakingly cancelled at the last minute. And now we have official confirmation from the company.

This smaller tablet was expected to debut on May 20 — instead Redmond introduced the Surface Pro 3 in its place, and delayed the smaller slate, without providing any more details at that time.

But the financial earnings that Microsoft revealed just now confirm this cancellation, via a very brief mention in the Surface revenues section, stating that a new form factor was indeed cancelled by the software giant.

This is what the document states:

“Current year cost of revenue included Surface inventory adjustments resulting from our transition to newer generation devices and a decision to not ship a new form factor.”

Just as a refresher, the Surface Mini in its original state was supposed to be marketed as a note taking device, coming in with an 8-inch screen size, and the same stylus pen that is being offered to people that buy the Surface Pro 3. All in a package priced at around the $250 mark.

Obviously, not all is doom and gloom for this smaller slate.

There is word that Microsoft will actually release the Surface Mini next year. If this tablet does see daylight, you can be sure that it will be in a much more refined form.

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  1. They have to scrap it for parts and make the design more like the SP3 if they’re going to release it next year

    • You’re right. Will have to be a total overhaul. However, I just don’t trust that we’ll ever see a Surface Mini. Call me a cynic at this point, but that’s just what I feel at this point.

  2. Emily Williams / July 23, 2014 at 3:40 pm /Reply

    Must have been a disaster to get that far along and then decide to cancel it completely! At least it seems Microsoft is willing to admit mistakes and learn from them. That’s a promising sign! 🙂

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