The Surface RT Tablet is now sold at Best Buy but…

So here’s the good news.

The Microsoft Surface is now available for purchase at your local Best Buy.

There is bad news though.

First of all, no one seemed to care at all. The Microsoft section of the store still seems to be a lonely patch in an otherwise busy store.

It seems that in comparison to the Apple part of the store, the Windows 8 areas are still a little slow.

I spoke to a rep at the store and he said that all the PC’s (except one) had Windows 8 pre-installed. When I asked him how they were selling, he got real nervous and wouldn’t make eye contact.

He said it wasn’t too bad but from his body language…

Next, in this store, the unit wasn’t even charged so I couldn’t play with it or even turn it on.

That’s nice, a dead display unit with a type cover.

That should really move some units.

  • Tarkus

    Best Buy is pretty clueless these days, so I’m not surprised.

    • Wanderer

      Sounds like PC World they are the same in the UK

  • Josh Dovishaw

    That’s okay, the VivoTab units that Asus sent me at Sam’s Club didn’t even include the keyboards. It’s hard to tell the average less computer literate Sam’s member that they need to go online to get their free keyboard. If we got a Surface, it would for sure be front and center somewhere to get EVERYONE’s attention.