The Verge compares Windows 8 and the Apple Ipad

In what is surely the first of many Ipad Windows 8 comparisons, tech website TheVerge did a Windows 8/Apple Ipad comparison.

Look for my similar review once I have had a month to get used to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

  • Mutaz Hafeel

    Don’t forget that the iPad2 is a finished product whereas the Windows 8 tablet is still in prototype stage…
    Windows 8 is doing quite well…

  • devilking

    Someone please tell me how to access the skydrive through desktop..
    I remember on msdn blog it written we will be able to do that but I am not able to find how….:((

    • Chickr

      Goto at the top you will see messenger click on it and you will see your sky drive then just click on it……….Chuck

  • devilking

    also I am not able to login xbox live……
    It says sign in not available in your region..:((