There are many reasons to try Windows 8, speed-ups compared to Windows 7 being one of my personal favorite reasons.

The second big reason? Windows 8’s new Metro interface. That being said, Windows 8 Metro is only as good as the apps that run within it.

I’ve previously reported that these apps still need a fair amount of work, but there is one compelling reason to give Windows 8 Consumer Preview a chance, and that’s Windows Store.

Honestly I expected Microsoft to release initial apps for the new Consumer Preview and that would be it, but thankfully Microsoft has continued to update the store and add many new and useful apps.

While not all of them are gems, I really like that they have commented to constant improvement and evolution of the store.

Just recently they revealed a new Mahjong app. While this might not appeal to everyone, that’s not the point. The bigger point is that the Store is continuing to improve and change. I applaud the company’s commitment to the apps store and look at it is a sign of what is to come.

I am also glad to see that Windows 8 Consumer Preview is constantly evolving. With Windows 7 Beta there was little change during the many months I’ve used it, but between the Store and software updates, Windows 8 Consumer Preview has already evolved at least a little.

I consider this a good sign, personally.

With this in mind, what kind of apps do you hope to see in the next few weeks? One app I’d personally love to see is a Skype app, considering MS owns that company.

Anything in particular you hope to see long before Windows 8 becomes a commercial product? Share your thoughts below.

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