The Windows 8 artwork competition

Well, Windows 7 has come and gone so we are starting to look forward to Windows 8.

At, every month until Windows 8 is released, we will be giving out $250 a month to the best Windows 8 artwork that we receive as an entry on the site.

The rules are simple:

  • It must be graphic artwork
  • The work must be original
  • It must be unique
  • It must be creative
  • It must incorporate elements of Windows 8
  • It can be funny or thoughtful (your call)

That’s it.

Send your image ( maximum of 580 x 580 pix) to the following email address: Windows8art (at) nnigma (dot) com

Please include the following with your image

  • Your name
  • Preferred email address (for Paypal payment)
  • Image Description: Tell us about the image

All entries will be posted on the Windows 8 website and based on the comments every month, we will pick a winner and pay by Paypal.

Once again, we will give this money out every month until Windows 8 is released.

This should be fun.

We are looking forward to your entries..

  • imoh

    I suggest Microsoft should demand entries on what feature we consumers should expect in windows 8, then i will say, i love to see a pc where i can lock folders and sub folders individually with a combination of codes or even password, not just the graphics that really appeal consumers.