The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is now available worldwide

Microsoft have released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for worldwide slow download.

It’s going to be slow for a while as the whole planet tugs at the files but do yourself a favor and only download it from Microsoft links.

Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

I am pulling from those links and it’s slow as heck but I promise you that if you start looking for faster mirrors, you’ll end up with viruses and malware.

Happy 29th!

Way more to come.

  • Billy Moffat

    It’s asking me for a product key. Any ideas what that’s about?

    • Onuora Amobi

      Look for the key at the bottom after all the languages

      • Billy Moffat

        Ahh thanks. I missed that 😛

        I got it working using the 5MB guide program. It gave me the key and I tried it in the ISO – worked fine.

        3NJQY-JPB4W-FGV9R-MCDC8-7FMQW – it’s a different key to what they described

  • King Cobra

    Hurray!!! Downloading!!!!

  • Op_iliri


  • Golds

    had to go to dev center

  • Ed

    the compatibility reports that my Kaspersky anti-virus 2011 won’t work, and also iTunes (sounds bitter to me lol)