The Windows 8 Developer Preview can run on Microsoft Surface 1.0

Josh Blake from Infostrat does a demo of the Windows 8 developer preview running on Microsoft Surface 1.0

It’s a cool little video that seems to have been made in his living room or something but the demo clearly shows that he has Windows 8 running on his big Surface slate.

It’s a little unweidly and he admits that at times, it became more expedient to use a mouse for the purposes of the video.

Real interesting – check it out.


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  • Lukas

    If microsoft where to play their cards right (which they probably wont) then microsoft surface could be as big, if not bigger than the iPad. If they make them attractive (lots and lots of apps) and cheap enough, then you could potentially see these units in peoples home replacing coffee tables, and used as tables in bars etc. ( obviously depending on form factor etc.).

    I think this is what they should do. Get Windows 8 running on surface, create an app store and get as much developers working on cool apps for these units and then sell them for about £800. With time they would become cheaper. I would consider buying one if it where priced between £600 – £800.