In this blog I’ll cover what I’ve learnt about the Windows 8 Touch keyboard.

There are several different types of touch keyboards available with Windows 8 providing you have a touch screen.

The Touch Screen is available for the conventional touch screen computer and of course for the Surface tablet. The Touch Keyboard is a useful alternative to using the conventional keyboard on either.

Accessing the Touch Keyboard

To access the Touch Keyboard go to your Desktop view. In the right-hand side of the Taskbar you’ll see the Keyboard icon. Click it and the keyboard appears on your screen.

Accessing the Touch Keyboard

Now this is where the fun starts because there are four types of keyboards of keyboards available! They are:

  1. Standard keyboard (this is the default one)
  2. Split-screen keyboard
  3. Full keyboard
  4. Handwriting Recognition Keyboard

1. Standard Keyboard (default)

Standard Touch Keyboard

2. Split-Screen Keyboard

Split Touch Keyboard

3. Full Keyboard

Full Touch Keyboard

4. Handwriting Recognition keyboard

Handwriting Touch Keyboard

Looking Closer at the Features of the Standard Touch Keyboard

On the top right of each keyboard are two controls – Minimize/Maximize and Close. On the lower left is the “change keyboard” button.

Clicking this allows you to toggle through the keyboard of your choice. The other features are much the same except for the addition of the Smiley key, a fun thing!


The next illustration shows you the keyboard types available.

Keyboard types available

In my next blog, we’ll look at the Handwriting Recognition keyboard in greater detail.

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  • Pavel

    Full Keyboard doesn’t active, doesn’t open. Why?