The Windows Store and Windows 8 Applications

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Windows Store - Windows 8 Applications

Windows Store – Windows 8 Applications

In Windows 8, the Windows Store is a digital distribution platform. It is primarily intended as the source of WinRT-based apps for the operating system.

The Windows Store will will support both free and paid applications and also allow developers to advertise their desktop applications.

The paid applications will range from $1.49 to $999.99 and developers will also be able to offer free trials.

Line of Business WinRT apps can be installed from outside the Windows Store by an organization’s IT department.

Microsoft take a 30% cut of all application sales. Now, once an application reaches $25,000 USD in revenue, the cut drops to 20%.

Individual developers will be able to register for $49 USD, and $99 USD for companies.[9]

We have started reviewing Windows Store Applications. Here are links to the categories of applications available in the Windows Store:

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  1. I do not know people how could claim that windows phones are better than iPhone, I bought Lumia920 and I Thought I will find something awesome, amazing, but it is crap with the way you see the home screen, too much annoying bottoms, crap keyboard, and very ugly store in its APP’s, how could you people compare you self to the iPhone, even Android is better than yours.

    I wish if you could fix all the shits you have inside from keyboard, to the home screen, fixing your app store to have more reliable apps, and notice that 90% of your apps are not free which is sucks too.

    For windows, as all your windows update when we updating it we start facing problems, and nothing new except that you are getting more info from our devices. Please make sure when you update the windows either for phones or PC’s make something cool that people would appreciated.

    Let us be proud of windows and why we bought.

    Waiting for that.

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