The Windows Store has a new Twitter application

Microsoft’s have added a new social networking application to the Windows Store in Windows 8.

Dubbed FlipToast, this application is the first social-networking app to directly support Twitter. In addition, the app supports both Facebook and Twitter, lets you view the latest posts, update your status and see notifications directly on the Metro Start screen.

New applications continue to trickle in to the App store and it remains to be seen how successful the app store will be.

What say you? Do you think the Windows Store is getting populated fast enough?

Use the comments below to provide your feedback.


  • siddharthbandhu

    This was like the 100th app. Not bad considering this is only Consumer Preview..

  • gborn

    The app is just bullshit. On my first test device I was not able to install the app. Then I installed the app on a slate and tried to set up an account for facebook. Afterward I intended to post a short status message.

    It was not possible to type a short text without typos (on scree keyboard on a slate is just rubbish). Then I was not able to view my own status just updated. Instead I was confronted with a columen of games tiles. 

    Overall: same as other metro-apps – only boring. I use Android and iOS and I was eager, to switch over to Windows 8. But now I’m going back to Android or iOS or use Windows 7 on netbook.

    Sorry, not the thing, I like to use in future