Onwards and upwards! Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform is now starting to show some real strength, with Windows Store now offering more than 175,000 unique Metro apps for download.

They took a while coming, though.

Towards the end of July, we had figures of 170,000. And that amounts to what, five thousand apps in around three months. But that’s not the interesting bit — what matters is that the quality of the applications available has increased manifold, from when the Store first started out.

Spam and low quality submissions remains a concern, however, and something that Redmond is trying to take care of, with regular removals of subpar apps.

Obviously, we’ve reached this new milestone some two years after the debut of the original Windows 8.

In the meantime, Microsoft has worked really hard with developers and publishers to create apps for its modern operating system. And the efforts are steadily paying off, with several large companies embracing the platform.

With Windows 10 primed for arrival next year, expect a lot more action on the Windows Store in terms of apps. More so, with the reported merger of the Windows Phone and Windows RT platform, which hopefully paves way for more Universal binaries for users to download.

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