Time for some crunchy statistics. The total number of Windows Phone users in the US is of interest to many, as Microsoft’s mobile platform has a lot of ground to cover on home turf.

The latest is that the company now has some 6.2 million users in the United States.

Better yet, it is slowly gaining more every month. These numbers have been provided by comScore, and data for the third quarter of 2014 reveals that Windows Phone has in fact increased its market share in what is perhaps the most important market in the world for mobile.

Android and iOS are still leading the charts, goes without saying.

But as of this writing, Windows Phone is powering 3.6% of smartphones total in the country, a figure that is up 0.2% from the previous quarter. Factor in the total 174 million smartphone users in the US, and you end up with an estimate of 6.2 million.

If you take it as a big picture, then back in September 2013, Windows Phone had a total of 4.88 million users to its name, which translates to 3.3% at that point in time.

The market share increased to 3.5% last month, owing mostly to the slowdowns relating to the launch of Windows Phone 8.1, and new devices for this version of the operating system. That has been taken care of this year, obviously.

In the meantime, Microsoft has managed to bring onboard a total of 1.4 million new users.

Plenty of work remains.

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