Unless you have spent the past year or two in outer space, you should be aware that the PC industry is going through the toughest of times. Sales and shipments are declining by double digits around many markets in the world.

But despite the weak state of the PC industry, the SSD market seems to be in good shape.

Ultrabooks (Intel powered) and thin notebooks (AMD powered) are expected to form the main market for solid state drives (SSD). In fact, the whole business still retains a notably long term upside, according to market research firm IHS iSuppli.

Around 64.6 million units of SSDs will ship in 2013. This represents a healthy 87 percent increase from 2012. SSD growth for the next three years is expected to exceed by no less than 30 percent each year, and then toning down to high teen figures by 2017.

By then, SSD shipments are expected to come in at some 224.1 million units.

Ultrabooks and other thin form factor notebooks are set to be a major driver of the use of SSD. These machines are expected to make up almost 70 percent of SSD shipments this year.

Initially, as you may be aware, SSD use in PCs was thought to be more promising than ultrabooks.

But even if ultrabooks have not really taken off as expected, and even with thinner 5mm and 7mm hard disks being developed by vendors, factors like reduced pricing, improved specifications, and lower power requirements on a single charge are helping the SSD market progress positively.

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