One of the bigger news stories of the month is the confirmation that the retirement of Windows XP has helped the faltering PC hardware industry. And now another chart illustrates the positive effect.

The first quarter of the year saw a lot more users purchasing new computers in order to upgrade to a newer platform — and obviously keep their businesses and organization on the safe side from being hacked due to any discovered vulnerabilities in Windows XP.

And this chart uses Gartner data to show that most of the big name PC makers have experienced some notable growth in the first quarter of 2014.

Most, in this case, does not include Acer, but that’s another story altogether.

Lenovo, for instance, made the most of the opportunity and had sales improve by a healthy 10.8 percent, while another industry leader HP had an uplift of 4.1 percent. Dell also had a ball, managing to increase sales by 9 percentage points in the same period.

ASUS too came good with a 4.8 percent growth, but as mentioned above, Acer had to deal with an aching 14.8 decline. Talk about registering an impact!

Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP last week, April 8 to be exact, but since the operating system still powers some 28 percent of computers worldwide, there have been reports that cybercriminals are actively trying to attack users of the vintage operating system.

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  1. To be expected! All the hardware companies as well as Microsoft has to be loving this. I’m sure these numbers will continue to rise this quarter.

  2. Acer down 14%! Did they only offer XP? lol Pretty bad drop for them. Overall, positive news for everyone, except acer.

  3. 28% still using= 28% begging to be hacked or given a virus. This chart says it all. Jump off the XP ship as quickly as you can!

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