Yesterday I went to Best Buy in Sylmar with a friend of mine. She had to take back something and I wanted to look at the Microsoft Surface.

Getting there, I go to the PC area (because you’d think that’s where it would be) and to my shock it wasn’t.

I asked a sales person and he told me to go to where the cell phones are. I walked over there and this is what I saw.

I was shocked!

Not only was it in the cell phone area, but it was hidden and dead, the charger wasn’t hooked up to it.

I told a sales person and he said “I’ll be there in a minute and we’ll see what we can do”. About 10 minutes later I went and asked again and he finally came and asked another sales person where the charging port was and that sales person didn’t know, they blamed each other for forgetting the port (it all seemed strange).

After about 5 minutes the charger was found and hooked up. I asked the sales person “why is the Surface being treated like a third world product” and he just went on telling me about his “brother” who bought a Surface and it froze on him and he couldn’t have a product that freezes (because he’s a lawyer) and took it back and got an iPad (that story sounded fishy, didn’t believe a word of it).

I left best buy pissed!

My friend told me a couple days earlier she went to the Best Buy in Porter Ranch and the sales person said they didn’t have any yet (which I thought was BS too). If this is how Best Buy is treating the Surface no wonder they’re not selling well there.

All the other tablets are in the computer section. The Asus tablets are all together, all the Samsung tablets are together, there is a big lit up Apple area which might as well have a huge arrow saying “come here” and Surface is hidden like Where’s Waldo!

I figured I’d write this article to tell my story and how upset this makes me.

Microsoft should be upset too.

If anyone else has gone into Best Buy (or another store that’s suppose to be carrying the Surface) what has been your experience?

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  • Arnold

    Have not gone to Best Buy but i went into Staples yesterday and the Surface was definitely front and center, however it was pretty stocked LOL, nobody seems to care.

    I have said it before, Microsoft needs to do something besides commercials and billboards to market this. They need to get the young people to say -hey I want that. They need to get his in the hands of a Niki Minaj, a Jay Z, Justin Beiber needs to sing a song about how much he can not live without his surface, the song will suck ass but still, this is what needs to go down.

    • Robert Kegel

      You have a point there. I hate the singers you named but if they even had pictures of them holding their Surface tablets they’d sell. My friends son wanted a Surface for Christmas but she said it was to expensive. She liked it but couldn’t see buying it for her son who’s just going to use it for the Xbox and to go on the internet. He has a laptop to do school work on already.

      I honestly think if they would have brought out the Pro Surface first things would have been different. They would have been more like Ultrabooks and people would buy them instead of a laptop. The good thing about the RT version coming out first is Microsoft gets to see what people think about the form factor and make changes to the Pro (if they’ll actually do that though, I’m not sure). The bad thing is RT might tarnish the Pro model because people are already confused will look at it and confuse it with the RT model and pass it by.

      • John Groft

        I agree. I think they should have brought out both machines at the same time. Though it’s still possible sales of Pro will be quite good. I know that I, for one, decided months before the release that I was going to hold out for a Pro. And, as much as I shouldn’t think this way, all of the machines from the other OEMs just seem like knock-offs to me.

    • AmericanEagle

      Meh. I think Justin Bieber would still struggle to turn things around … but a singing, tapdancing Jesus (with a few serious miracles thrown in) might – just might – be in with a small chance.

  • Scott Mighells

    I went into my local Best Buy (Hamburg, NY) shortly before Christmas, and not only did they have them with the tablets, but they had them displayed well, and they were all plugged in. I didn’t see any problems, with the exception of the people walking past them to the cheaper Android tablets.

  • Julian Horovita

    Maybe they think it will sell itself… I went to the Best Buy at Deptford NJ and they didn’t have any. Wont buy one at that price, anyway.

  • 1stkorean

    Went to Best Buy in San Francisco, CA. (Masonic & Geary Blvd) and they had one Surface RT and one Windows 8 Phone on display and neither worked. Actually I wanted to buy 4 of the Surface’s to take back to Seoul with me for gifts. The icing on the cake I coud not find any sales people to ask about them like do you have 4 in stock? They lost and in my opinion Best Buy Sucks.

    • WillyThePooh

      BestBuy always sucks and that’s why their business is losing money. There is always a reason for not earning money.

  • Rex

    I think we are seeing the writing on the wall here and MS needs to see it too. To me the price didnt sound too bad, but then MS needs to realize, they set the price, but the market sets the demand based on that price. And the market is saying there is little demand at this price. MS needs to either accept that the Surface RT is a bust at this price or lower the price to the point it moves. An issue here is that they now have an image of being over priced. I dont see these moving now unless they drop below $300 dollars. Much lower than they might have gotten if they started lower than they did.
    On another note, I have come to see the Windows RT as a mistep. MS should have dropped building for a ARM processor completely and worked with intel to get Atom processors out of the gate that can do the job. Leave useless tablets to Apple and Android and build the next PC instead. Now price confusion will leave Windows Tablets as an enigma to users.

    • WillyThePooh

      I would have already bought it if it is $400 including the type keyboard. But it’s over $600. Instead I now bought an iPad as it is on sale.

  • Chris Smith

    Why would you even bother with Best Buy? They are clearly heading for a justified demise. Worst retailer on the planet. Microsoft needs to open more stores and have people who know technology working there. Some “kid” at Best Buy shouldn’t be who Americans turn to for tech help.

    • WillyThePooh

      Because people always think kids know more about technology but that is actually a myth. They want to play more than work.

    • Robert Kegel

      I just went to Best Buy to look at it. I haven’t bought anything (besides a video game) from best buy in years.

  • Misterbear Fapp

    Years ago I worked at an Egghead part time (I was in the Navy in Maryland) when MS-DOS 5.0 was released. Microsoft had a huge training program setup for sales employees, and the marketing was very much front and center. There were even incentive programs for the employees. They pretty much did the same thing for every operating system and office package all the way through XP. Then it all seemed to stop. Who can forget the Vista debacle, or the orphaning of Zune? The forgettable Windows Phone that was the failed precursor to Windows Phone 7?

    Honestly, the big box stores pay their employees a pittance, and being in proximity to one during a misinformed sales pitch is excruciating. Windows 8 has the potential to spawn innumerable miracle products, yet only the users seem to have the vision. It almost seems like Microsoft and it’s retailers are embarrassed for Windows 8 and Surface. Really, it’s a shame.

  • GD63

    I was in Best Buy today. There were no Surface on display.

  • timi

    Not that Best Buy doesn’t have it’s faults and not that I don’t agree with everything you’ve all said but I find it hard to believe that it’s all their fault. If you think Apple hasn’t paid a high price to have their products light up like Christmas then you’re mistaken. Samsung now have started to put money down too because my local BestBuy had a station just for Galaxy phones and another just for Galaxy tabs. I only hope that they bring a station when manufacturers have made enough tablets for just Windows tablets and then maybe we could see some sales. I also think Microsoft doesn’t care about Best Buy because they haven’t sold much in a long time when it comes to PCs. Microsoft is banking on stores but frankly it’s taking too long to bring to all cities, hell apple has 2 in Columbus, OH. Microsoft needs to get off their A$$es and pay the money to get the sales the need.

  • John Groft

    I went to the Best Buy in my area and it was not treated so atrociously. Yes, it was technically in the cell phone section – but it was in front of the cell phone section which was already in the very front of the store. So the Surface was front and center. All of the cables were hooked up; everything was working. Even the sales guy was excited. He was carrying around a Windows 8 Yoga in tablet form. Perhaps that’s the difference. In my store, I talked to the guy who set up the display and he’s already a Windows 8 fan.

  • AmericanEagle

    A laptop “replacement” that needs four-foot long thighs and superhuman balancing skills to use, while the fixed position kickstand perfectly positions the screen to look at your navel? Great! Just what I always wanted…

  • Charles

    Same Experience at Staples in Pasadena (Colorado/Rosemead) on Friday (12/28) … the Surface display occupies the end of an isle that is 3 isles away from the other Tablets. The other Android and Windows 8 tables (Kindle HDs, Samsung, etc.) are very nicely displayed in an inviting manner and the Surface display is small and looks like an after-thought. Clearly the Staples staff were NOT instructed to give the Surface any respect … I think you have to blame Microsoft and not the vendors for this .

    Few Notes about my 48 hour Surface Experience: 1st Gen Surface RT is a very welcome alternative to the Apple Ecosystem but does currently lack the Apps and polish of the 4th Gen iPad; the cameras on the Surface suck; the low PPI density of the display are so inferior to the HD displays (Nexus 7/10, Kindle 7/8.9, iPad 3rd/4th Gen, etc., etc.). I am fan of how Windows 8 allows quick switching/swiping to concurrently running task —- iOS definitely needs to copy this behavior.

    Because of the above reasons, I just got to return this Surface. I just hope that Surface 2.0 will be released soon and will address these issues — think Microsoft should pay top iOS app developers to port their software to Windows RT. Again, the HD display on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 just blows away the Surface display.

    I think the concept of the Windows RT tablet class (thin, long battery life, low energy CPU that does not need a fan) is exactly what is need to compete with the iPad. I am concerned that Microsoft can not or will not do what is necessary to make it work. I think we should remember that the full Windows 8 tablet is a different creature for a different market — it is a competitor for Ultra-Books not for the iPad.
    Thanks … Charles.