This is how Best Buy is handling the Microsoft Surface

Yesterday I went to Best Buy in Sylmar with a friend of mine. She had to take back something and I wanted to look at the Microsoft Surface.

Getting there, I go to the PC area (because you’d think that’s where it would be) and to my shock it wasn’t.

I asked a sales person and he told me to go to where the cell phones are. I walked over there and this is what I saw.

I was shocked!

Not only was it in the cell phone area, but it was hidden and dead, the charger wasn’t hooked up to it.

I told a sales person and he said “I’ll be there in a minute and we’ll see what we can do”. About 10 minutes later I went and asked again and he finally came and asked another sales person where the charging port was and that sales person didn’t know, they blamed each other for forgetting the port (it all seemed strange).

After about 5 minutes the charger was found and hooked up. I asked the sales person “why is the Surface being treated like a third world product” and he just went on telling me about his “brother” who bought a Surface and it froze on him and he couldn’t have a product that freezes (because he’s a lawyer) and took it back and got an iPad (that story sounded fishy, didn’t believe a word of it).

I left best buy pissed!

My friend told me a couple days earlier she went to the Best Buy in Porter Ranch and the sales person said they didn’t have any yet (which I thought was BS too). If this is how Best Buy is treating the Surface no wonder they’re not selling well there.

All the other tablets are in the computer section. The Asus tablets are all together, all the Samsung tablets are together, there is a big lit up Apple area which might as well have a huge arrow saying “come here” and Surface is hidden like Where’s Waldo!

I figured I’d write this article to tell my story and how upset this makes me.

Microsoft should be upset too.

If anyone else has gone into Best Buy (or another store that’s suppose to be carrying the Surface) what has been your experience?

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