Arguably the biggest dynamic Windows 8.1 is tasked with addressing are many of the problems that were reported in Windows 8. The primary amongst them was the confusion created by both the Start Screen and the Metro UI.

Say what one may, these two design changes took a lot of novice and traditional PC users by surprise.

Technology enthusiasts had little trouble coming to grips with the new user interface of Windows 8, but many circles called for a better and easier introduction to Microsoft’s new platform.

And the company did not waste time in responding.

Redmond announced early on that it plans to implement new tutorials in Windows 8.1 to ease the whole process of getting used to the new operating system. These help tutorials were to be designed for beginners that needed assistance in making the most of the various features in the OS.

The recently leaked Windows 8.1 build 9471 comes with a completely new designed Help Center and brings it on the Start Screen to ensure that everyone can quickly launch it and read up on how the various features of the new operating system work.

Everything from the Start Screen, Metro apps, basic actions, account and files, as well as OS settings is covered. The Help Center also details what is new in Windows 8.1.

A small search box at top provides the ability to look for even more details on the official Windows website right from the Metro (or Modern) UI.

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  • Ray C

    I wonder if Microsoft would have been better served to have all the bars opened by default when you first get on Windows, then have the user have to turn them off, but the new help section should be very useful. Of course the fact that a lot of people left stores without being shown the basics on a display device really speak to some sorry customer service.