This is NOT the way Microsoft should sell Windows 8 – Video

I just spoke about how advertising was Microsoft’s Achilles heel.

An article by Brian Carlson seems to confirm that. He talks about a new video by Microsoft showing:

As we have all watched Youtube videos of young and old alike scratching their heads to try to figure out how to turn off Windows 8, this new video comes along and puts things right again. A darling little mop-headed rapscallion comes over to each waiting and aging Y-Gen to Boomer (no one is left out), and shows them how simple and easy it is to use Win 8.

We never get the original training video though that shows how long it took to teach this kid how to use Windows 8, nor do we know whether he received corneal and frontal lobe implants that enhance his ocular acuity and analytic processing skills, we will just never know.

There is one message that is clear from this video.

It’s not the software, it’s you, dummy.

Here’s the video, tell me if you think it’s as bad as I do.

  • Patrick Wellins

    Sorry Onuora, I love this, it shows that Windows 8 is not just for us “Geeks” it is for everyone, every age… You and I who are tech people sometimes need to remember that the average person just needs it work… I think Windows 8 works!

    • Onuora Amobi


      I must be wrong on this one. Seems like the people have spoken.


      That’s a large part of why I put this site together – to get the pulse on issues like this…

  • Arnold

    This is an excellent video that they should play at the super bowl. why? because you do have to be an DUMMY to not understand windows 8.

  • 1stkorean

    I have to agree with the commenter below…this video proves the old adage if you want to learn to use a computer ask a kid! Furthermore I have to agree it is NOT the software, it is the user that makes it difficult.

    Good job Microsoft…

  • Handa

    I think it’s great! 🙂 I don’t think it says that people are dum. I think it is more directed towards people that haven’t tried to learn how to use it. To people that just looked at it and didn’t know what to do, or people that have heard that it was a steep learning curve, and walked away.

  • DCJason

    I think it is great! Since all the people commented like it, how about changing the title to this page to “Is this the way Microsoft should advertise Windows 8”. Then you invite people for their opinions rather than tell us yours up front.

    • Tomas

      I could not agree more…

  • Brenton Klassen

    I like the video too. It shows that Windows 8 is not intimidating. Even kids can pick it up easily.

  • Tomas

    Sorry Onura but being 40 years old and with an 8 years old and a 3 Years old I have personally testified how easy it is for them to manage these things. So, no, I did not see it as an insult… It actually shows how easy it is and if anything, how sometimes we as adults get scared with the new and stubborn to keep what is “comfortable” (aka the start menu”)…