Video Lenovo Yoga 3 Prank

This New Lenovo Yoga 3 Prank Video Is Hilarious

As the biggest PC marker in the world, and always in the top two, Lenovo rarely has to go the extra mile to promote its hardware. The Yoga 3, however, affords the company a little leeway.

Instead of airing conventional ads, Lenovo hired the Upright Citizens Brigade to prank people.

Though you can be sure that there’ll be plenty of those commercials too.

So anyway, the group has hidden cameras at a fake kiosk at the Plymouth Meeting Mall in Pennsylvania in order to prank and film shoppers that pass by. People walking by are introduced to the Yoga 3 laptop by a man, who compares it to a MacBook, accidently breaking the Apple machine in half.

And then escape from the spot leaving the shopper to face the consequences.

Dubbed “Broken Laptop Prank”, the two minute video is not to be missed:

Obviously, the Yoga 3 is as much a tablet as it is a laptop — the hinge actually serves as a flexible dock, where the upper half can completely detach and can be attached later. It’s a fine piece of hardware, and this is some fine piece of marketing.

Makes for a few good minutes, so make sure you give it a watch.

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