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Things have simmered down on the Surface Phone end, after years of swirling rumors. Likewise, for the concepts that the community used to create for this mythic device

That may or may not make to the market within the next year or two.

However, the world of technology continues to move on at breakneck speeds, and each new impressive development to hardware stirs up the speculation for the kind of choices that Microsoft will end up making if it launches such a device.

Bezel less displays, large screen sizes, support for the Surface Pen to go with software additions like the 3D Touch UI, along with a refreshed interpretation of Windows 1 Mobile using the company’s new Fluent Design System.

All this, and more have been envisioned to be part of the Surface Phone in this new concept that made its way to the web not too long ago.

Take a look:

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Designed by Amir Estefad and Mohammad Reza Alidoost, this new concept draws on almost all the ideas that the Windows Phone community has, at one time or another, hoped to see implemented.

Nothing in terms of wild imagination here, just refinements to current and previous ideas.

All that, nevertheless, combines to create what could be a really impressive handset, something that could be stylishly different than other smartphone that are available on the market right now. Even as Microsoft looks intent on moving away from the concept of the phone as we know it.

Still, no harm no foul, not when enjoying a little flight of fancy.

The Surface Phone may never look like this, but it just may draw on an idea or two showcased in this stylish new concept.

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  1. Looks nice. the only issue I have, if nothing is released by the end of this year, most people I know will have moved onto a different device, and they will not be coming back. I hope it takes off

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