Care to wager what they would be called? Microsoft Mobile is gearing up to launch at least three new Lumia devices, each aimed at a different segment of the market.

And as this report notes, all three are set to debut during the August to September timeframe.

Now while the obvious guesses would be Lumia 530, Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, word is that the next high end smartphone could be the global Lumia 1525. However, no confirmation has been provided on the matter up until now.

The second phone is solidly a midrange set, the Lumia 730, with its 5-inch screen and a 720p display.

Finally, the long rumored Lumia 530 is said to be the third in this list. In fact, it could go official by the end of this month, if reports are to be believed.

Obviously, none of these smartphones have been confirmed, but we have had a steady flow of rumors regard all three, here, here and here. There is every chance that all three will be officially unveiled in the not so distant future.

Till then, take these reports at face value.

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  1. I genuinely enjoy the Lumia phones. However, I think there’s an issue with cohesion right now for all WIndows Phone. I think having a few hardware options is okay, but too many just doesnt work nowadays. I think they should follow the iPhone model and make 2 or 3 of the best hardware vendors create the same phone to help increase buzz and popularity.

    • Agree especially with regards to the Lumia. The Lumia has so many different versions and numbers it’s impossible to keep up with which one is the best and which is the worst. I wish they’d just stick to a few awesome ones and leave it at that.

    • Yeah I think they have too many Lumia Phones. They need to have one regular phone at all 3 price points, then they need to have a phablet at at least two. It addition to that, maybe there also needs to be a non-contract phone at both the low end and mid-range.. It’s too hard to know what’s old and what’s new, and what phone is better than another phone

  2. I still waiting for a better phone from Microsoft. I agree with ChristopherR, either Microsoft play a catching game or make a better phone like Samsung. I now using note 3 from Samsung as soon as I see a better one I will switch right away. For many year I have seen all of the wonderful design but nothing came out. Do something or IPhone and Samsung will take over again and again play catching what a petty

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