There are some ideas that seem just great. But like most things in life, timing is everything. This particularly holds true in the increasingly competitive technology world.

Take Ballmer’s strategic move to force everyone at Microsoft to work just like one company, for instance. The CEO made public his massive new reorganization plan last week, outlining a change in how things are to be done at Redmond.

But to pull it all off, Steve Ballmer and other senior executives at Microsoft will have to pay more attention to timing — because almost every project started in Redmond takes too much time to complete. At least, this is what Carolina Milanesi, an expert over at Gartner, seems to believe.

In an interview with CNBC, the Gartner analyst said:

“The concern I have is timing. Microsoft’s timing has never been their strength. Things take a long time to happen. Is this really going to happen or is it going to make it more difficult? Can they operate as one company? It’s a huge cultural difference making these changes.”

It remains to be seen what kind of benefits this titanic new restructuring brings for the technology titan, but most believe that owing to the scale of this move, the results of this streamlining will only be evident in the next couple of years.

The reorganization process itself, is something that Ballmer believes, will take around one year to complete. But all the divisions at Microsoft will start undergoing a major transition in just a few months.

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