Tip: Access The Hidden GodMode In Windows 8

One of the best hidden features of Windows 7 (and Windows Vista too) has found its way to Windows 8 – the very secret, and less-known, GodMode.

Think of it as a special dedicated folder that provides access to pretty much all computer settings.

It provides easy access to every feature that is built into Windows 8, from Administrative Tools to Action Center, Color Management to Family Safety, and everything in between.

All under one roof, or in this case, one window!

If you are an absolute beginner, it is best to stay away. This is too much power in your hands and you can end up pushing the wrong button and breaking down your operating system.

But all others learn how to access the Windows 8 GodMode below.

Go to your Desktop, create a new folder, and put the following string as its name:


As soon as you hit the enter key, the folder icon will change to resemble the classic Windows Control Panel. A sight for sore eyes, eh?

The folder behaves like any standard folder on Windows, meaning you can adjust the view and layout easily. A very handy search box is included, along you to find your desired setting by typing in a keyword.

Microsoft has included a whole (metric) ton of keywords for every option, so quickly finding what you are looking for is a breeze.

I guess that’s where the God part in the name comes from – quickly finding what one is looking for.

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