If you are not the type to let go of the desktop environment in Windows 8.1, then boy, have I got something for you. Microsoft, as you may well be aware, has completely retired the Windows Live Messenger last year, and the Skype platform is now its focus of attention.

The new Outlook.com email service is exhilarating, and the built-in Mail app in Windows 8.1 exciting.

But if you are looking for a little throwback to the past, or just want to make the transition a little easier, then you can download the curiously named Howard Email Notifier.

Just like in the grand old days, a sound and a tooltip will notify you whenever you get a new email message in your Outlook.com account — click on the notification it to open up a new browser window with your email inbox ready to view.

This handy little free tool supports five email services including Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, and Mail.ru along with Microsoft’s very own Outlook.com.

Things are refreshing simple in terms of interface, and all essential configuration settings are displayed in a very simple window. Howard Email Notifier runs silently in the background, and automatically checks new message at a define interval, from every 30 seconds to 120 minutes.

A variety of notification sounds are bundled in, from trendy new ones to the classic sound of the Windows Live Messenger. And it supports basically every single version of Windows, from XP and Vista to 7, 8 and 8.1.

So even if you are running Metro email apps as your primary go to solution, this small program is perfect as secondary option. And for those that still live and breathe in the desktop environment, this one is nostalgically nice!

Head over to the official Howard Email Notifier webpage to download this free application.

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  1. Very useful. 🙂 Wish it had more features like demised Gmail Notifier Pro.

    • Yes, the feature set could use a little polish, but the best thing about this program is that it is regularly updated. So there is a chance that it will get more abilities in the future. But what it does right now, comes in very handy.

      Thanks for the comment!

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