Tip: Give Your Android Phone A Windows 8 Styled Makeover

Tip: Give Your Android Phone A Windows 8 Styled Makeover

Fan of Windows 8 on your computer, but still stuck with an Android phone for some reason? Or want to give someone you know that uses an Android device a taste of what they are missing?

There are a number of simple tricks you can use to turn your Android tablet or phone into a pocket sized Windows 8 PC — or something close to it. For starters, you can install mobile versions of familiar desktop software. But the most visible change is by downloading a Windows 8 styled home screen.

Android phones, this side of HTC, have a bit of a tendency to look identical.

If you want to give your Android device a Microsoft makeover, then the best way to do so is by installing this amazing app launcher that goes by the name of Launcher 8 Free.

It lets you customize your home screen with colorful tiles similar to the ones you get on Windows 8. These provide quick and easy access to not only your messages and contacts but settings and other essentials tools with just a tap.

You can also add in more widgets and apps that you frequently use to the home screen.

Customization options are aplenty too. Just long-press a tile and you will be able to change its size and color, move it around or remove it altogether — not all that different to what is available on devices and computers powered by Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Launcher 8 Free not only looks fantastic, it also makes it easy to switch back to the standard Android home screen when you want. It is also highly rated and downloaded on Google Play.

You can download Launcher 8 Free here.

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