Modern times, modern options. If you have installed the upcoming Update 1 (also known as the Spring 2014 Update) for Windows 8.1, then you are already aware of the new options that Microsoft has built for the Start Screen.

These basically are designed to make it easier for keyboard and mouse users to use the operating system. Particularly, the right-click options are now primarily designed for mouse users.

But the company has not actually removed what you would call, the original way, of right-clicking the Start Screen tiles to activate the options bar.

All you have to do is go to your Start Screen and press the space key, and voila!

The familiar old options bar at the bottom is there waiting for you to unpin a tile from the Start Screen, resize it, turn live tile on or off or even uninstall the app altogether. Customization options are also available the very right corner of this bar.

You can also press Winkey + Z, but this only shows bottom bar with the Customization option.

If for some reason it does not show, you can simply press the Tab key to make sure you have selected a live tile. You can now navigate through your tiles using the keyboard arrow keys, and all that fun stuff.

Thank yous on self-addressed postcards, please!

Now while we have no confirmation that Microsoft will keep this old (and original) option when it launches Update 1 in early April, there is no reason to remove it too. Let’s hope sense prevails.

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  1. This way certainly seems easier, Fahad. Having options is not a bad thing. Let the users choose their option!

  2. Bill Franklin / March 13, 2014 at 5:00 pm /Reply

    I must say, who still uses a mouse for their personal computer? I know in the business world mouses are still important, but most people I know have laptops and don’t need a mouse! haha

  3. Jake Phillips / March 13, 2014 at 5:15 pm /Reply

    I am hoping sense prevails, Fahad. However, we know with Microsoft and other big time companies, that’s not always the case! ;P

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