This was hilarious.

I was on the BUILD website looking at the schedule etc and looked at the profile of Satya Nadella.

It’s here.

He should probably have an updated bio yes?


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  1. Too funny! You’d figure they’d check the new CEO’s page over anything else, but I guess not. That’s a mistake on their part.

  2. Can you say, “Copy and paste.” Lol. This is classic.

    • Bill Franklin / April 3, 2014 at 1:13 pm /Reply

      Haha. Spot on. You can tell this was a total copy and paste job. I’m guessing someone’s going to get in trouble from this.

  3. LOL! You have to assume someone if not everyone in the company is extremely embarrassed about this. I wonder if Nadella has gotten word of this.

    • I have to think they’re trying to not let him find out about this at all costs. I’m not sure the new CEO would appreciate this no matter how laid back he may be.

  4. CEO…THE FIRST PERSON’S PAGE YOU SHOULD CHECK. haha. This is absolutely hilarious.

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