Well, usually one would have a hard time believing someone that throws around a figure like 99 percent, but this one comes straight from Toshiba, one of the premier PC makers.

And the company claims that as far as its business sales are concerned, an overwhelming 99 percent of its customers are still going with the tried and tested Windows 7 — with only a select few choosing the option of Windows 8.

They are business and enterprise clients, yeah, but it is still a cue for Microsoft to intensify its efforts to popularize Windows 8 in the corporate world.

Anyway, Cindy Zwerling, Toshiba’s B2B product marketing manager, talking to ZDNet said that Windows 8 is, as of right now, a distant plan in the future. She did say that Windows 8.1 brings around some very good potential for Microsoft’s modern operating platform:

“Windows 7 is clearly the enterprise operating system at this time. But there are pockets of the corporate population that use detachable tablets, and might be running Windows 8. But for your standard clamshell notebook? It’s Windows 7.

From a business perspective, I would say 99 percent of our sales are Windows 7.”

Windows 7 hold the crown of the most popular operating system in the world, and as a matter of pure fact, this version of Windows has shown a tendency of growing its market share even further these past few months.

This, no doubt, has got a lot to do with the looming retirement of Windows XP, with companies and enterprises deciding to go with the familiar option.

Mainstream support for Windows 7 is set to come to an end on January 13, 2015, though the extended support is still a few leagues away, and will end on January 14, 2020.

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  • Ray C

    I just don’t but those numbers nor do I think it matters. If he has said 70 to 75% I would have believed it. I think there is at least a minimum of 10 to 15% who want to make the switch. Plus, you can’t look at one company or just a small sample of orders. Of course some orders are going to be 90%+ Windows 7. Most people don’t upgrade or replace equipment with a mixture of models or OS. Many of them have already been in a planning and transition phase to Windows 7. They’re not going to change mid-stream.

  • The_Norseman

    I agree with Ray C. I look after the computers at my office and even though I personally like Win 8, I’ll be upgrading the office computers to Win 7 over the next while. Win 8 is just too new and there are still too many unknowns. In using Win 8, I HAVE run into some compatibility issues and even though they were obscure, it’s concerning enough that I’m not willing to chance it on the office computers at this point.

    • Fahad Ali

      True compatibility issues are a major factor for companies in the final decision.