Windows, as an operating platform, is facing assaults from multiple fronts. There is the increased interest in mobile devices, which has in turn resulted in rapidly declining sales of PC hardware.

And then there is the fact that most Windows users are content with older hardware, considering just how much they can still accomplish on older computers — meaning, the need to upgrade has radically slowed down these past few years.

But perhaps the biggest threat is from competitors like Linux, Apple, and Google.

The former of these three has been in direct assault mode for a while now, with its Chromebook line of affordable laptops. Educational institutes, in particular, have shown sustained interest in these devices, owing to their cheap prices and effortless management.

So much so that more and more traditional PC hardware makers are jumping into the mix, with Toshiba being the latest name to release its very own Chromebook.

The company has listed the device on its official site at $300, but several other vendors seem to be willing to part with it for an even lower amount. Amazon for instance has put it up for $288, and Adorama is selling the laptop for an even more interesting $280.

That’s tablet territory, if you ask me.

Anyway, this particular model makes use of a 13.3-inch display (resolution count 1366 by 768), and is powered by an Intel Celeron 2955U Haswell processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB solid state drive.

And speaking of processors, Intel, too, seems to be all in the Chromebook game.

It has just been announced that the Bay Trail platform is now supported by Coreboot, which is another indication that some even more affordable models powered by Bay Trail chips could be incoming.

Much to ponder for Microsoft’s new CEO, then.

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