Toshiba Releases Its Dynabook Tab VT484 8-Inch Windows Tablet

Toshiba has been on a bit of a roll lately. The company has been busy ever since major development work on Windows 8.1 was complete, and has regularly revealed its new hardware products since then, from tablets, notebooks to ultrabooks.

The company introduced a couple of new ultrabook models from its Dynabook lineup last week, and now seems to be using the same name for its tablets too.

One such slate is the Dynabook Tab VT484 tablet which comes in a nice, framed design that easily and snuggly fits inside pockets. The 8-inch device offers an okay resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels, but the real highlight is the power it packs.

An Intel Atom Z3740 Bay Trail processors keeping things running fast and furious at 1.33GHz, and is paired with 2GB of memory. Storage options include 32GB and 64GB, both of which can be expanded via the included microSD card slot.

The tablet comes preinstalled with Windows 8.1, and offers WiFi, Bluetooth and microHDMI out options. Two cameras are onboard — a 2 megapixel front, and 8 megapixel rear.

While the hardware prowess is pretty neat, Toshiba is actually offering three variations of the slate for buyers to choose from, ranging between 32GB or 64GB of storage, or choice between Office Personal 2013 or Office Home and Business Edition 2013.

The only major downer seems to be the price tags, which are a tad on the high side. The various models of the Dynabook Tab retail for between $490 and $590.

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  • Ray C

    These companies will make really money if they really get behind their products. Microsoft doesn’t need to be the only one out there pushing Windows 8.x and 8.x products. They all need to be out there making sure their products are a success.