Toshiba’s Windows RT powered laptop and tablet demonstrated(Video)

In  this new video, we got the first look at the Toshiba’s Windows RT  laptop powered by a TI OMAP 4470 chip and their upcoming tablet .

The laptop seems to be quite responsive and provides a fast and fluid experience.

Switching between apps was faster than ever before.

Check it out.




  • xinu

    ok, the fast scrolling between the apps is very nice and very impressive. But the browser? My 2 year old MBP has the same fluid browsing experience.

    • Ezekiel Carsella

      only because of a better intel core processor!?!?!

      • Markvmg

        Both devices are using ARM processors not Intel based processor.

        • Ezekiel Carsella

          i know but xinu said his MBP is better in performance which is only true because of intel cores.