Microsoft, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention! This is a little something that will please the technology enthusiasts just as well as the environmentalists amongst you.

Redmond has just launched the new “Recycle for Reward” program.

In a bid to show the world that it cares about the environment and encourage customers to abandon their old gadgets and upgrade to new ones, the technology titan has now set up a program that allows old devices to be traded in at all Microsoft Stores in the United States.

This new campaign, as you may have guessed, offers store credits for every user that is ready to trade in his or her old devices — everything from laptops and tablets to mobile phones and audio players, even gaming consoles and games.

Microsoft explains it all in on its website:

“To get started, simply bring your computer, phone, or other device to the Answer Desk at the Microsoft retail store. We will appraise its value based on condition and current market value. If it’s determined to have value, we will provide you with a Microsoft retail store credit. If it doesn’t have value, we will wipe it of all data and safely recycle it for you. The process is fast, easy, and free of charge.”

As noted above, this offer is open to everyone in the United States, and customers can trade in their old gadgets at pretty much all Microsoft Store in the country.

Those of you interested can click this link to find the location closes to you.

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  1. Um, Apple does the same “with their products!”

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