There is something special about opulent words like bygone. And there was a time when Windows XP, itself, was a rather opulent operating system, complete with gorgeous visuals, icons and all manners of bells and whistles.

But that was very much in the past — the popular operating system is now unsupported, and no longer receives updates and patches from Microsoft.

And this is what Trend Micro talked about today, labeling Windows XP as just a relic of bygone age, in order to point out that the operating platform that launched some 13 years ago, no longer has what it takes to protect users and their data.

As the security vendor explained:

“Windows XP simply wasn’t designed to cope with the kinds of modern threats facing it today. It was launched in 2001, long before the time of mobile and cloud computing. Back then, remote access was usually achieved via phone lines and networking was achieved with wired connections.

Hackers were primarily bedroom-based mischief makers rather than the organized crime gangs and state-sponsored operatives we see today. It was a time before Trojans, ransomware or highly sophisticated targeted attacks.”

You got that one right, Trend Micro!

The company explains that cybercriminals are already sitting on several vulnerabilities in Windows XP that they did not make public, in order to ensure that Microsoft did patch them before retirement.

Internet Explorer, also gets a special mention, in the sense that Windows XP users cannot upgrade to a newer version of the browser, beyond IE 8, which opens them up to additional risks. But apparently, some people have an affinity for risks, as the market share figures for the retired OS show.

Others, sadly, are stuck with it, for one reason or another.

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  1. I agree. At this point anyone who is anti-upgrade is anti-security. Everyone in the media telling people there is no reason to upgrade to 7 or 8 is doing ever body a disservice.

  2. Great picture! I love that. As far as the post, it couldn’t be more true. XP is too old and not equipped to handle hackers and other security threats of 2014. Nothing against XP because it was a great software, but it’s too old.

  3. XP is like the people that hung onto old cellphones before updating to the newer smartphones. They’ll still work to an extent, but they’re not made for today and not as secure. This story is dead on.

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