Microsoft’s latest platforms, Windows 8 and Windows RT, have been in the headlines ever since release. Most of the news, however, focuses on the design and features of these operating systems.

Nevertheless, some have taken a close look at the underlying security mechanisms integrated into the company’s newest operating systems.

One such company is the security solutions firm, Trend Micro.

The provider of computer security has just published an interesting new report called “Windows 8 and Windows RT: New Beginnings”. As you may have guessed, this new study analyzes the new features of the operating system, particularly focusing on the security ones.

Trend Micro researchers have closely analyzed the security enhancements that the software titan has built into its latest operating systems — including features like UEFI, driver policies, Windows To Go, ASLR, safe browsing, and the use of picture passwords.

Nevertheless, like all good critical analysis, the report also shares details about what Microsoft could have done better to make these operating systems even more secure. As the study notes:

“While the changes to the UI may have been the right thing to do from a marketing point of view, it also introduced new risks, as people have to learn a new, ‘right’ way to do things.”

Along with security features, the report also analyzes hardware related issues that have been uncovered in Windows 8, and makes for quite an interesting read. And fingers crossed, Microsoft takes this report into account when designing the security on Windows Blue.

You can download it as a PDF file here.

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