Windows Server 2012

There are tons of great tools from Microsoft for IT administrators, organizations and IT professionals. Some of the biggest hitters would be Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure.

Is your organization considering Windows Server 2012? Whether you are currently running on a Linux-based server or simply setting up a server solution for the first time, Microsoft is very good about letting companies “try before they buy”.

With a Server system, how do you manage something like that? Actually, it’s really very simple. You can sign up for a Windows Azure trial free for 90 days, Microsoft’s cloud solution. What does that have to do with Windows Server 2012 though?

Microsoft offers up a virtual machine instance of Windows Server 2012 from their test image gallery that will allow you to use a remote desktop to manage your new virtual server just like a physical server would work.

Microsoft also offers a demo on have to create and manage Server 2012 virtual machines and much more. This is a great way to break into the Microsoft Server world without investing huge amounts of revenue on something that you are unsure will fit into your company’s current infrastructure or needs.

Best of all, this also will give your company a look at Windows Azure and will help you evaluate if Microsoft’s cloud computing solution could be of use to you as well. For instructions on how to make it all happen, click on the source link below.

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