More than once now, we’ve talked about Tweetro. This Windows 8/RT app was the unfortunate victim of Twitter’s relatively restrictive API limitations, which only allow 100,000 licenses before it locks up completely. After that, Tweetro removed the app and hoped to negotiate a deal with Twitter– who has yet to release their own official Twitter app.

Unfortunately no deal was reached and we reported that Tweetro+ would be rolling out instead, an app that would require a purchase and therefore would be able to easily keep under 100,000 users.

The new paid app has now arrived through Windows Store. So how much for a decent Twitter client? It will set you back $9.99. With Tweetro+ you get multiple account support, the ability to place multiple tweet columns in the main hub and several other features that could be important for a regular Twitter user.

Is it worth the cash? While I think LazyWorm Applications is a great team, I just don’t know if I would pay $9.99 for the ability to use Twitter. Especially when you consider that if/when the 100,000 mark is hit with the paid app, you $9.99 payment won’t matter if the app gets shut down again.

Still, there aren’t too many alternatives. Just about every Twitter app on Windows Store is or has hit the 100,000 limitation mark already and so you either have to pay up or just use Twitter through a browser instead.

Eventually, Twitter does plan to give us an official app. In the meantime, what do you plan to do? Will you buy an app like Tweetro+, just use Twitter in browser or even boycott Twitter altogether?

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  • St3fanH2

    I’ll just use twitter in the browser.. screw you twitter with your silly limitation on third party apps.. i wont be using your app when it comes out. Your apps have always been behind the curve when stacked against third party options.. Make a better app instead of limiting others to force adoption of your own.