Twitter For Windows Phone Finally Updated After Seven Months

For a company as popular as Twitter, its official app on the Windows Phone platform sure has a bunch of scathing reviews. This application has been considered a second class citizen of the app world.

In fact, the company did not update the app for seven months straight. Until now.

Following the last update in November 2013, Twitter has silently refreshed the popular application with features that bring it somewhat at par with other platforms. Still a long way to go, but at least we know that the official app has not been officially abandoned.

New in this update is support for inline images, as well as the ability to reply, favorite and retweet from your timeline. Multiple images are also in, however, GIF support is still missing.

But perhaps the most obvious design change is the large oversized header.

Twitter has a pretty stingy token limit for third party applications, and this is the reason why developers shy away from coding up their apps for the service, in the knowledge that the limited lifecycle means that their applications will stop working anytime they gather a large user base.

For this reason, official Twitter apps are still the preferred choice for many.

You can grab your copy of the updated Twitter client on the Windows Phone Store right here, with the hope this update is one of many in the future.

  • CaraMa

    Part of me thinks twitter doesn’t update that much anyway, so this isn’t a big deal. But I’ve had issues with twitter through the Windows Phone, so they probably waited too long to update this.

  • Ray C

    I’m about to go get my update

  • Mike Greenway

    Just as an aside, is there a Eye On Windows app for windows phone or Win 8?