The United Kingdom has recently unveiled a brand new policy for online adult content in the country, with Prime Minister David Cameron outlining plans to set up family friendly filters to protect children that browse the web.

And even though the British Premier has made it clear that British homes will be allowed to choose whether they want to block adult material or not, technology companies, nevertheless, will be called into play to help filter content found online.

Search engines in particular, like Bing, can potentially make a colossal difference in this regard. Cameron was quoted as saying by Bloomberg:

“There needs to be a list of terms — a blacklist — which offer up no direct search returns. are some searches which are so abhorrent and where they can be no doubt whatsoever about the sick and malevolent intent of the searcher. I have a very clear message for Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest. You have a duty to act on this — and it is a moral duty.”

Microsoft is yet to release an official statement on this, but considering just how much Microsoft invests in improving its online services and the Bing search engine, it is expected that the technology titan will show its support for the new policy.

It also provides the search service an opportunity to increase its market share in the United Kingdom if it takes an initiative in this regard.

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