UK Users Cannot Install Windows 8.1 Preview From The Windows Store

And there you go! Another news bit about Britons and technology. UK users already have a hard technology life most of the time, with increased prices, senseless currency conversions and delayed product launches.

Now we have another small issue — this time on the software side of things.

Microsoft has been slowly and steadily rolling out the Windows 8.1 upgrade to users worldwide. The Windows 8.1 Preview is available in no less than 13 different languages currently, and even though the English language is included first and foremost, Britons reportedly cannot install this upgrade.

The software titan has released an English version of Windows 8.1 Preview, but it appears that localized versions of Windows 8 do not support the update.

As a result, the Windows Store is blocking the download for IP addresses based in the UK — leaving Britons no choice than to get the ISO files if they want to try out the preview version of the upcoming operating system.

Additionally, Microsoft has warned that 32-bit Atom processors currently do not support Windows 8.1 Preview, at least for the time being. Redmond is said to be working on a patch to fix any potential issues that may arise.

Expect more information on the localized version of Windows 8.1 Preview in the coming days. In the meantime, scout out the ISO links and download the preview version this way.