While Windows Phone is pulling off wonders in Europa, Microsoft’s mobile platform is also doing pretty well in other parts of the globe, including countries like the US, India and Brazil.

The folks at AdDuplex are back with another dataset, this time providing a look at the top countries that make up the various slices of the overall Windows Phone pie. And it makes for a very interesting read, confirming what most of us already speculate.

Which is that 11% of all Windows Phone devices are out there in the United States, followed by India with 7.5% and Brazil in tow with 6.9%. Russia and Italy complete the top five.

China, with its large population is only good enough for 3.7%, which is matched by Mexico and the UK.

This top 20 chart is based on the data from 11 global apps and games that served AdDuplex ads on the day of July 8, 2014. The ad network further notes that these applications sever ads to around 200,000 users that day, and they were selected to be as global as possible.

Which is another way of saying that these statistics are from a very small sample, which itself could be affected by the varying ad strategies of the app publishers, and other factors.

Still, it paints a pretty good picture of where things stand, and which markets Windows Phone 8.1 needs to really target to increase its market share as it competes against both iOS and Android.

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  • Wayne S

    US and India didn’t surprise me, but Brazil did a little bit. My question would be which countries and how many countries compose the 27% of the other category?

  • Ray C

    Of course places where there are more customers will have more devices, but I think we still need to continue to look at where Windows Phone share is doing well

  • Phil2

    UK and Germany really stuck out to me. They both should be higher than 3ish %.

    • hooksie

      Remember this is the percentage of Windows Phones sold in each country I.e. 100% is all Windows Phone devices – it’s not a market share graphic