For a while I’ve talked about the potential of Windows 8 on tablets. The Kindle Fire seems to have the low-end “content consumption” market dominated and the iPad has the higher-end “productivity and content consumption” market under control, so where does this leave Microsoft?

Tackling a mid-range machine that leverages the power of Windows for productivity and Zune for content consumption, would be the perfect solution. Such devices would potentially hit the middle ground in pricing, perhaps weighing around $350.

So in the past, I have asserted that with Zune multimedia features there would be plenty to offer for content-consumption. What we really need on the productivity end is some great apps like a tablet version of Office, this could certainly put some weight behind a Windows 8 tablet.

Luckily, Microsoft apparently agrees that some kind of office solution is imperative and Moorea seems likely part of the solution. It appears that Moorea is part of the upcoming Office 15, and allows many office-type features to operate in a tablet-optimized way.

For now, Moorea still runs on the desktop side despite its Metro-eque design but considering its nature, it wouldn’t be surprising if it eventually migrates completely in the Metro-side of Windows 8.

Moorea is just one of many features hidden inside of Windows Developer Preview. If you are the bold type and really want to play around with the inner-working of Windows 8, this might certainly be worth looking in to. So how do you unlock many of these features? You could learn all the registry hacks and coding involved, spending hours getting everything setup exactly how you want, or you could download the application BluePoison.

This free program allows you to unlock features in Windows 8. The application must run in “Admistrator mode”. Here are just some of the cool customizations that you can achieve with this program:

  • Unlock Applications folder.
  •  Disable Start Menu immersive.
  • Themes section from which to download many themes for Windows 8.
  • Unlock the Modern Task Manager
  • Unlike Modern Reader
  • Unlock Moorea in Office 15
  • Unlock the theme Auto Color

The are actually more features that this can possibly help you achieve, or so it claims. Overall, this is a pretty neat app if you want to mess around with customizing 8.

For now, I prefer a naked and unaltered version of what Microsoft has in store for us, but its all about personal preferences. While some users want to see exactly how Windows is shaping up right now, others want to get a look at what Windows 8 might look like once it reaches Beta or even the final commercial version. BluePoision is fairly stable and most of the ‘hacks’ are fairly easy to reverse if you really wish to.

What do you think about upcoming features like Moorea? Have you tried out Blue Poision, and if so what kind of experience have you had with it? Share your thoughts below!

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