Unpack, create, edit and mount ISOs with Windows 8

Another great point from PCPro.

Here’s the thing:

Windows 7 comes with a built-in ISO burner, so if you download a recovery disc, or perhaps a Linux installer, you can burn it to a DVD with a simple double-click.

That’s good, but Microsoft can do better. Sometimes, you just want to check the contents of an ISO, or access a single file from the installer. Windows already lets you look inside zip files, and pull out the files you want, so why not offer the same convenience for ISOs?

Ideally, you could even create your own ISO files, mount them as virtual drives, and read and write files as if the image were a real disk.

Very well said if I say so myself.


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  • Oneb5f0eb7583c5

    why do you want to put so many features into an OS ? shouldn’t it be something that the user must choose? adding so many features would bloat the OS , which is already too bloated . just look at how much space windows takes after installation , and also the time that is consumed per installation .
    i think that if you want, the installation could ask you which features you want to have .
    for now, 7zip and daemon tools can do what you wrote here , and they are both free.

  • Windows 8 Forums

    Naitive ISO mounting? Phew, it’s about time! I’m constantly needing to mount ISO files at work and it’s a pain needing to install 3rd party apps on every single machine.

  • xinu

    I would like to point out that this feature has been available to OSX users for quite some time, Its about time Microsoft caught up.

  • Sparsh

    I would like to point out that this feature has been available to OSX users for quite some time