Not to long after Windows 8 and Windows RT hit the net, an online ad company by the name of AdDuplex revealed numbers that showed that the Surface RT was currently leading the pack when it came to any single device using Windows 8/RT technology. How big was the percentage? 11% of apps that accessed AdDuplex were via a Surface RT.

Fast forwarding to today, how do things stand? AdDuplex’s newest numbers suggest that the Surface RT is still the leading device for Windows RT and 8, but it is now just carrying 5% of the traffic. What happened here?

It’s pretty simple, more Windows 8 devices are shipping. From tablets to all-in-ones, laptops to convertibles. There is a lot more Windows 8-equipped products shipping each and every day. The fact that Microsoft has been able to hold on with the Surface RT is a really strong sign.

This is especially true when you consider that distrubution for the Surface RT was originally limited to just Microsoft Stores and Microsoft’s website, although Staples and Best Buy are now carrying the tablet as well.

What else does the AdDuplex information tell us? We know that the ad software is now tracking 5,500 devices versus the 3,000 just weeks earlier. When it comes to single brand, we also see that HP leads the pack with 22% of total Windows 8 devices, with Dell following at 10%.

Do you own a Windows 8 device? If so, do you have a PC or a tablet?

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