Updated Malware Targets Windows 8 PCs, Uses Google Docs

Symantec has notified Windows 8 users through its blog, about the threat of a backdoor Trojan Horse called Backdoor.Makadocs.

This piece of malware presents itself as a Word document, uses a Google Docs server as a proxy server, and depends on an interesting document title to tempt the user to open it.

Symantec notes;

Google docs has a function called viewer that retrieves the resources of another URL and displays it. Basically, this functionality allows a user to view a variety of file types in the browser. In violation of Google’s policies, Backdoor.Makadocs uses this function to access its C&C server.

The malware author has specifically built in commands to account for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, as shown in the graphic.

The malware appears to taget Brazilian computer users but as always, you should keep your anti-virus signature files up-to-date and avoid downloading files whose origins are unknown.