The US Navy Gets Custom Patches For Windows XP From Microsoft

The age of Windows XP is well and truly be behind us, with Microsoft pulling support for the old operating system in the not so distant past. Nevertheless, a number of organizations are still running it.

And the United States Navy is one of them.

As this report notes, the US Navy is one of the few government bodies that is still running Windows XP, and although plans are already under way to upgrade to a newer operating system, authorities have already signed an extended support agreement with Microsoft.

In the words of Steve Dunn, executive director of the Atlantic operations of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command:

“It’s a big Navy problem and we’re trying to get our hands around it still.

Given the scale and scope of Windows XP’s use, the Department has a Custom Support Agreement with Microsoft that provides support for all critical security hotfixes and helps maintain our security posture for both ashore and afloat networks.”

Custom patches are being delivered to US Navy computers, and the agreement covers the next three years. Which is another way of saying that it might take a while for all PCs to be upgraded.

And some financial numbers?

Microsoft is set to get $3.6 million for the first year — which is an okay sum, all things considered, even if it is a lot less than the figures of hundreds of millions thrown around a few months back.

  • Randy A

    Surprised the Navy is still using it, however I’m sure it’s secure given Microsoft knows its importance. They could end up keeping it for awhile.