The United States remains one of the most important markets for smartphones, arguably the most important. Win some major percentage points here and it almost guarantees triumph.

Not only does a bigger market share in the US markets ensures continual sales but it also reflects positively upon app development — an integral facet of the success of mobile platforms.

comScore has put up the latest survey numbers  for the three months period that ended in March 2013, and it shows that the market share of Microsoft’s mobile platform remained at the 3 percent mark in the United States.

That means a rise of just 0.1 percent, compared to the last quarter.

Google still came out on top with 52 percent, but even the Android platform saw a percentage drop of 1.4 percent in the March in comparison to December. Next up was Apple with its market share of 39 percent in March — up, in fact, 2.7 percent since December.

BlackBerry continued its disappointing decline, and is now at 5.2 percent, a clean decline of 1.2 percent from back in December. Unless the tide turns, BlackBerry could soon find itself in lands unknown.

Symbian also registered with a tiny 0.5 percent of the US market.

The comScore survey shows that 13.67 million people in the United States currently own some form of a smartphone. In terms of device manufacturers, Apple still retains first position in the country with 30 percent, while Samsung follows in second place with 21.7 percent.

HTC at 9 percent, Motorola at 8.5 percent and LG with 6.8 percent make up the top five.

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