USA Today developing Windows 8 Interface

Stephen Chapman has unearthed some screenshots from a couple of companies who are apparently already hard at work developing apps for Windows 8.

The one that strikes me as more interesting is the one from USA Today.

While this is probably just a mockup, it’s interesting to look at.

Stephen discovered this image within the portfolio of Robbie Dillon, Art Director at USA Today.

Alongside the Windows 8 app image, Robbie says the following:

In preparation for the Windows 8 release, this app is being built to take advantage of the touch-first, native environment of Windows 8, while retaining the look and feel of the Windows Metro UI and showcasing the content of USA Today.

It’s not clear if and when USA Today will actually launch this app but it’s cool to see companies starting to get ready for the launch of Windows 8 next year.

You can read Stephen’s article here.

  • Rodney Jenkins

    I have to say, that interface is growing on me.

  • timotim

    Considering USA Today has very nice Metro inspired WP7 app already in the Marketplace, I see them one upping themselves with extra screen realestate and the power of Windows behind it. Cant wait to see more at BUILD.