Owing to undoubtedly the widest array of supported devices, the public preview build of the under development Windows 8.1 comes with a fair amount of bugs and nagging issues.

The upcoming operating system is capable of running a number of computers and devices — from old PCs to the latest tablets, hybrids and convertibles, notebooks and ultrabooks. And almost every day, users report any and all bugs to Microsoft so that the company can look into them and provide a fix.

Some users are now complaining that Windows 8.1 Preview is causing battery life issues on some specific hardware configurations.

Posts on Microsoft’s official support forums reveal that along with battery problems, overheating is also a major nag for a number of tablets and laptops that are running Windows 8.1 Preview.

As one user explained the issue in a forum post:

“I upgraded my Dell XPS 10 from 8 to 8.1 RT and I am having similar issues. Battery drains quickly and the tablet heats up a lot. I called dell support who are going to reimage my PC. I like the update to it is un workable if in present condition.”

Microsoft is quite likely aware of this bug, and the software titan has previously commented that it is working industriously with several hardware vendors to fix this and other such issues.

Expect the company to patch it in one of its future updates for both Windows 8.1 Preview and Windows RT 8.1 Preview as both operating systems march towards RTM status, which they are on track to reach sometimes next month.

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