Déjà vu? You bet. Microsoft has had it tough with WiFi issues on its tablets. The original Surface RT, Surface Pro suffered from these problems that were eventually, and gradually, fixed.

But now it appears that the Surface Pro 3 is also in on this.

At this point, one can probably blame it on hardware compatibility, but the bug has reared its ugly face. The newly released tablet now suffers from these very issues — limited WiFi connectivity, which means that users are no longer able to browse the web without rebooting the device.

Users have reported this problem on Microsoft’s community forums, saying that this limited WiFi problem occurs when the tablet is left on standby for a long time:

“I have experienced the same issue. After I stop using the SP3 for a period of time it loses network connection. The icon where the WiFi meter icon usually displays is an icon of a computer without a network connection. Swiping the Charms menu shows no network connection.”

A reboot, however, fixes the issue every time. Inconvenient, if nothing else.

The Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s latest tablet, was officially announced on May 20, and went on sale in the United States exactly one week back, June 20.

Redmond is yet to comment on this, but there is every chance the company is investigating the issue.

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  1. I hope this improves. Bad publicity for Redmond to deal with when a $2,000 tablet has questionable wifi signal.

    • You’re not kidding! Highly questionable that the Surface Pro 3 would have this issue after all the good reviews and high price tag. This needs to be taken care of immediately.

  2. I’m sure this will be worked out

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