Users Find First Bug In Windows 8.1 RTM, Libraries Cannot Be Disabled

Windows 8.1 RTM is now available on the web in a number of languages, and as one would expect, a large number of users have installed the near final version of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.

And some of them have found the first glitch in the OS.

Even though Microsoft is still collaborating with hardware partners on drivers and such, some users are experiencing problems on the features side of the operating system. There are reports of a little bug in the way File Explorer handles the built-in libraries that are installed by default.

Multiple reports are claiming that these libraries cannot be disabled from the “Folder Options” pane. Unchecking the “Show libraries” setting does not make any difference in this regard.

Then again, for some users this works like a breeze. But this much is clear that this is a widespread problem — and is probably one of the first bugs that Microsoft will have to fix before Windows 8.1 hits general availability in October.

This probably is one of the main reasons why Microsoft actually decided to continue work on optimizing and refining Windows 8.1 even after the operating system reached the RTM stage.

Redmond has explained that it wants to use this window (ha!) of a month or so to deliver as bug free an experience to users of its platform right out of the box that is not affected by minor glitches like these.